Tailwind CSS for WordPress


Tailwind CSS for WordPress

Gust is a WordPress theme that allows you to build your site with Tailwind CSS through a custom page builder. It automatically runs your site through Purge CSS to remove unused CSS and lets you customize your Tailwind config all within WordPress.

Gust takes a developer first approach and allows you to start building with pre-made components and templates or create your own reusable components through the UI or define them with JSON. Interact with WP Query and WordPress filters from within the editor to loop over your data and populate components with dynamic content. Gust differentiates itself from other themes by being extensible, flexible, and scalable.

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Hey everyone 👋

I started Gust because I was getting sick of working with WordPress themes that didn't scale well. Some were great for a while until I tried to customise them. Others made it difficult to add custom components or display a custom data set. And others still just made it really hard to match a client's design or ended up with huge CSS files.

So I built the theme that I'd always wanted to use. It comes with a page builder that gives you control over everything. Every HTML node is yours to tweak. We've also got a bunch of pre-made components and templates so you don't have to build everything from scratch, but you can also save your own for use later on.

I'd been working with Tailwind CSS in other React based projects and decided it was time that Tailwind CSS came to WordPress! I've found Tailwind CSS scales amazingly as a project grows and as your team grows, and Gust has a deep integration with WordPress and Tailwind CSS.

Performance is super important and Gust pushes all your CSS through Purge CSS to remove any unwanted styles ⚡️

Gust is also made to be worked with by developers, so looping over data, re-usable components, filters for everything, etc is all front-and-center with Gust.

I hope you enjoy it and that it makes WordPress that little bit better.

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