Phillip Stemann


I'm Phillip, I've been in the web industry for as many years as I can remember, I started as a young curious mind, and I'm now an experienced mind.

I made a video review of Ocoya, You can watch it here if you want more extensive information about Ocoya:
I am really impressed by Screpy, they have come far since I first played around with the software. I did a recent review of Screpy You can watch it here:
When I started testing out Outranking, I didn't know what to expect.
I made a video review, which you can see here:

When I was done with my testing, I sat back and was impressed. Everything from the UX, the flows and to end up with a fully written article in the end was just impressive. Of course, there are always UX changes to be made in order to end up with a better product.
But overall, I must say I was simply just impressed with the workflow overall.

Now the content generated is really up to the user itself. The better descriptive headings you do, the better results you'll get. And I really think this is a great opportunity for you to learn to write descriptive headings. In order to rank sections on Google, your headings need to be descriptive any way. So a little tip: If you find yourself generating terrible content for a section, then take a look at your heading and see if you can make it more descriptive.
Well done Wilson and the team. Your current product is so well done, and with the future features coming up, I'm so excited! I reviewed BlockSurvey if you want more extensive information, including an interview with Wilson, the co-founder. You can watch it here:
I love that you are available on both Chrome and Desktop. I can't wait for the Safari extension and the mobile app, then you're complete.

I made a review of my testing of TypeDesk, really enjoyed it, you can watch it here:
Your navigator is golden.

I have tried quite a lot of graphical editors in the browser, and my main issue has always been editing the right elements. It's so frustrating having to move elements out of the way to find your way to an element hidden in the back. You guys have solved this! The navigator is golden! It's really amazing how such a simple thing can make a product so so so useful.

Of course, all of your other features, including your mock-up builder, are also fantastic. Check out my review here:
When I started testing our Crove I was intrigued, I've seen numerous platforms for signing contracts, but not many with template libraries, so this was a pleasant surprise.

I made an entire review you can watch here:

Now I do really hope they will work on the UX and bring more help texts into the app, because that was an issue I experience, Other than that, I love the integration part. It makes it possible to automate your entire document workflow.
Inbox is a fascinating software. Very comparable to Mailchimp. I really like that you include transactional e-mails, it's something not many tools can offer. I can't wait to see when you give the design a re-make, then we're really in for an awesome tool.

I did a full review of Inbox. You can watch it here. Keep up the good work:
The UX Tool is awesome, but I did find some issues in Safari, unfortunately. You can see them in my video review.
I really like the idea of Plerdy, and with some small tweaks and an easier way to register conversions, you really have a useful tool. Keep up the good work!

Watch my video review: