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Founder at (@ShotstackAPI) | Technologist, maker, tinkerer and software engineer currently working in video tech.

@shiregator Yes, I guess so, I've built a scalable server based edit/render engine so that is component is similar. I am still working out exactly how to apply themes/templates and the UI around that but that will be a component. Also I am working on computer vision/image recognition algorithms to extract shots and scenes, classify them and possibly match that against a storyboard/theme.

There are a few of these services out there - Magisto is another one which is really nice, however I haven't found anything that works for me (and I hope others too). A couple of issues - upload your surf videos to Magisto and you are lucky if you get any footage of your surfing. I think their algorithm is weighted towards smiling faces. You can't chose or tweak shots. And being polite - those templates on Stupeflix are awful, I'm sorry but I'd compare those to stock PowerPoint templates. Magisto too go a little bit overboard on the effects and overlays.

My goal is to create short videos in a more stylish, professional Red Bull/Go Pro kind of style. I'm working with a professional director/editor to help on that side of things.

I'll invite you to the beta when it's ready and would love your feedback.
@jeffshillitto I've also tried Magisto. I tried to edit a snowboard video in the trees, but it cut out 95% of the trees and kept the wide open shots. I also found the effects to be a bit cheesy.

I haven't tried Stupeflix, but I prefer the processed videos I've seen over Magisto. I REALLY like Stupeflix's ability to tweak the edit & re-render as needed and the slow/fast motion utility. But again, I haven't used it so I don't have any opinion on the UI.

I prefer a more polished edit synced with music and no overlay effects other than title/music, etc. So for me I just do it myself with Sony Vegas.
You are tackling a genuine problem here. Be interesting to see how it works and how effective it is, and the price.