Gregor Pichler


Creating smiles @ Ahoi Kapptn! 👨‍💻 Current side project @punktapp 🔨 Loves to build things from scratch ⚽ Football fan #MUFC 💁‍♂️ Co-Founder @butleroyapp

I'm really glad to share my latest side project with you on Betalist. If you have any questions, feedback or remarks please feel free to start the conversation here :)
@partizion Hey, thank you very much for signing up! I'm glad that you like the idea. I'm currently programming on the weekends and hope to start a TestFlight beta list soon.
@iPGregor Awesome, look forward to trying it.
@GuerrillaGCO sure thing, you’ll be the first to know if you’ve signed up on the website. Many thanks for your support!