Bohdan Hnatkovskyy


Tech entrepreneur and geek. Co-founder at @Brainify_today. My main passion is making great things.

Thank you guys for your sign ups! I'm super excited for the whole team behind Selly, that we finally managed to create a really effective personal assistant.

Why should you use it? Your follow ups and meetings are both important. Moreover, you are spending a lot of time on managing all of this, and you could still miss something important.

With Selly it's much easier since it's smart and fully automated. Managing became a cakewalk!

Here are a few things that I personally love:

- Smart follow up after meeting
- Casual reminder after unconfirmed appointment
- Quick follow up about unreplied email

There're much more to discover and I would love to answer your questions.
@RalphLHaley Morning, Ralph. Absolutely!
Selly is working with most major messengers, so you can chat with her on Android as well as on iOS.
Sure, we will send access to you shortly ;)
@marckohlbrugge Hi Mark, thank you for a question.
Right now, we are giving some little help from time to time. But we taught Selly to guess what you mean. For example, when you ask her something she doesn't know yet, she will compare possibilities and ask you if she got you right.