Jazz Prado


Cool app! This is exactly reason why I got into discord in the first place--because it's a place where I can share music with my friends (through music bots).

Is this free?
I really enjoyed working on Beam.gg Early Access! Coming from a Marketing perspective, I think it's really important that Marketers actually believe and advocate the product that they're selling—and Beam.gg is something I'm DEFINITELY a fan of, no bias!

The last few months have been a whirlwind of activity as we keep stress-testing Beam.gg’s infrastructure and underlying technology. We’ve learned many lessons since our private launch a few months ago, and we’re excited to share with you now the new updates to our app ✨

One of the best things about Early Access is being able to shape Beam.gg together with our community. We're always looking to improve our product, and your thoughts and experiences really help us do that. Share in the comments what you think of Beam.gg so far, and what else you want to see us do in the future! 🤓💜
@AlyssaOrio Thanks Alyssa! 🙏 Feel free to try building your own community here: https://app.beam.gg/sign-up
@JohnDelavera Hey John! Chat us your email on https://beam.gg. I'd be happy to get you that discount 😊
@dyazprado Thank you Jazz. Great support indeed