Ben Bowler



Exiting updates from the Telegraphy team! We've officially Launched out of Beta. If you haven't checked out Telegraphy now is the time to do it.
@brucekraftjr Yo, we're focusing on desktop streaming apps like OBS and Wirecast for now so no mobile app. So far you can stream to Facebook Live -> personal accounts (What is Facebook Games?) and YouTube and Twitch. I'm building out new channels based on Feedback so I'll add Periscope to the list and see how many votes it gets!
@NeilCocker That's a vertical I'd not considered. Obviously I've thought a lot about music and gaming is the big one.

In reality if you're already doing a live stream, then it make sense to get it out to as many people as you can!
Hey guys, interested to hear your approach as a fellow music tech founder. B
@benbowler Hey Ben, happy to hop on a call/zoom and talk more. You can reach me at [email protected]