Adrian Camara


Causing riots @paperhq Help run @legalhackersyyc. Lawyer. Former @mccarthy_ca. I don't believe in #legaltech

Thanks for checking out Paper. We know this is a very different way to look at legals. So please feel free to ask any questions, I'll try to answer as quickly as possible :)
Hey Shane,

Paper is an integrated platform that carries you from day one to exit and automates all your legals in between. Clerky will incorporate you and give you a few other legal actions, but you're on your own for the rest.
@adriancamaragil First off, congrats on the launch! You're definitely not on your own for the rest with Clerky though - we have templates for everything the typical seed-stage startup needs in private beta. People who need access to more templates should feel free to reach out!
@darbyw Thanks! We love what you guys did with Clerky.