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Sorry, but that website is far away from appropriate in my point of view. I'd say we have a fake client list, footer and header without even customisation, buttons dont work, ....

I like the idea, but I wish you'd put more effort into the presentation.
Hey guys! Looking great so far. Just wandering: How do you try and differentiate from tools like Slack?
Hi @_sopitz, glad you enjoyed and thanks for your question. At winio, we want to keep everything very simple, so we put everything you need to make your projects move forward on the same page. You can access your discussions, tasks, and attachments in the same context and avoid jump between software.
Slack is great, but you need to know when work should be real-time and when should be asynchronous, and for us when it's about collaboration around projects it’s our feeling that asynchronous communication is actually the best way for groups to work together.