Mister Sea


I am just a beautiful person

That is a really amazing idea, I will fdollow your project
There are so many app that are working in this sphere, but I can't find an optimal variant for my business. I will check your and I hope that it is okay
@MisterSea2 totally agree, a lot are built by software houses where as we have built from the perspective of a fully operational business. Loads more functionality to come too. Any honest feedback is gratefully received
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Oh, that is an amazing idea, like video shazam. I believe that it should be really popular
That's quite interesting, and I believe that such landing pages can attract people's attention way better. Also, the design of such pages is important as well, and my designer used to work with that, but since he failed me way too many times, I decided that it would be more reliable to work with an outsourcing company, and I found out about Awesomic . I was pretty interested in the week trial period for $7, and I wasn't disappointed, so I got a monthly subscription and started to work with one designer there.