Developers assistant for non-coding tasks


Developers assistant for non-coding tasks

Zigi is your own AI-powered personal assistant, managing your dev workflow and performing all your mundane, non-coding tasks directly in Slack.

Zigi transforms your workday by connecting to all your tools and apps and handling all those endless, distracting tasks that eat away at your focus and coding time. Built for privacy and security, Zigi provides daily rundowns of your dev tasks by priority, performs automated task-handling, offers ongoing workflow suggestions, and more, so you can focus on doing what you love - coding & innovating.

This will have to be a two-part review because of the way the founder has chosen to roll it out. This first part is for those of you who are going to be rolling out your product. There are a few things here you can learn from in what not to do. First, go look at this video: https://youtu.be/OuGQwQNeJS4 , it is one minute. Right, this is a nicely done intro to your daily circus when trying to get work done. 60 seconds of a good, precise, problem description. Then, nothing. Just some hey, we've solved the problem. No solution part, no video clips, not even screenshots of what the product looks like or does. In short, a poor attempt at a 'teaser' video with no solution even hinted at. Just not good. At the bottom of the video, it tells you precisely what the qualifications are for the first iteration of the beta. Got all those products, check, check, and check. Except it really doesn't. When you go to sign up for those three things, you should ONLY click on those three and click on Sprint vs. Kanban, else you'll get an email saying sorry you don't have what we require for the first pass of the beta. This is poor, at best. I have three domain emails and figured out that if you select more than one communications tool or multiple repos or the like, the acceptance will fail. In short, this will be confusing and frustrating to somebody who is expecting the product claiming to be saving time for busy developers is creating a giant hassle to get into the beta.

This should be easy. Question one, here's what we support today, you got? If yes, check your email, if no, please go to the next screen, pick what you use, and will notify you when we support it/those tools.

And if you're going to spend the time making a video, put a solution in there so we can see what all the fuss is about. I'll report back once the onboarding call gets completed.

First, thank you for taking the time to watch the video and provide feedback - we appreciate it.

We’re currently in closed beta, working closely with users who identify with the problem and Zigi’s mission to reduce the noise that developers face throughout their workday (if you’re interested, you can read more about our mission in our manifesto and blog. (https://www.zigi.ai/manifesto, https://www.zigi.ai/blog)

With regards to your comments on the onboarding process- you’re absolutely right! Developers want to try Zigi by themselves, and we’ll be offering a self-onboarding solution very soon.

We look forward to our meeting with you - we always welcome new opinions and feedback!
You can also contact us at any time using this email: [email protected]

The Zigi team

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