The world's simplest website builder


The world's simplest website builder

straw.page is the world's simplest website builder.

You can use it to design awesome websites from your mobile device.

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@rok_de What device are you using? And which browser
@okozzie_ I am using the newest Chrome on Ubuntu. The most fields like Color Picker and co show a NaN up or could not be clicked. Maybe the tour gets not closed very well?

Thanks for getting back!

It's quite early in development, so certain features don't fully work yet.

The styles should update but they're not visual at the moment (so temporarily shows NaN for now).

Fields that couldn't be clicked are the ones that are disabled for specific elements - I'll look into a better way to present that!

Could you please specify what you mean by the tour not closing well? (i.e. does it produce any lag?)

Thanks again!

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