Repurpose Video Content

Cherry-pick highlights & turn them into standalone videos

Repurpose Video Content

Cherry-pick highlights & turn them into standalone videos

Repurpose Video Content lets you create your video once and publish it everywhere. Cut different pieces of content from your video and change the aspect ratio to share them across all your social networks.

@MaxFleit thanks for the awesome feedback! 😍
We’re super excited to launch Repurpose Video Content within Type Studio.👋

There are so many different social media platforms that all work well with different video content. So you don’t have to record a separate video for each platform, Type Studio now lets you turn your video into multiple content pieces and customize them with ease!

Here is how it works?

⬆️ Upload your video into Type Studio
📐 Adjust the aspect ratio and make it fit for the right platform
✂️ Duplicate your original video and cut different pieces of content
📈 Add Subtitles to enhance your video and make it more accessible
👩‍💻 Post it on social media or share it via the sharing link

If you have any questions - we are here all day to answer all of them!
Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.👇

As a thank you to the Beta List community, we are giving a 20% discount on the Pro Plan with the code BETALIST20 🥳
(Go to the Profile page in your account and add the discount before you upgrade)
Thanks for the time saver! 🙏🏾
I waited for this my whole life
Awesome product and such a great feature! 😍
Do you think I could use this to promote my fundraising http://grab.yt/Adrian
@porzeraczmuzguw Yeah! You can create a promotion video for that and post different versions of it on your social media channels. 🤙
Please, please add login via Facebook etc.

People are lazy and they won't test your site, because it takes too much time to create new account for every webapp used
@porzeraczmuzguw Thank you for the feedback! We're working on it :)
This is very simple and attractive tool. Look so great. Can you tell me you can I use this for my website of https://www.ultrabadminton.com/

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