A visual contact management app to help you remember names


A visual contact management app to help you remember names

Rememorate combines tech tools with tested psychological techniques to help you remember the people you meet. It’s a visual contact management and CRM app with a focus on easily retrieving and finding a person you've added, even if you can’t remember their name. The key is through association, or as the psychologists call it, the encoding specificity model.

You start by taking a photo -- the type of pic depends on the social context. It could be a selfie with them, a pic of something that reminds you of them, or a scan of their business card. Add any details or notes, and we'll automatically store the location and time for you, providing more triggers to access the memory of when you met.

Howdy, Betalist! I do a ton of travel and go to a lot of events, but am TERRIBLE with names. After meeting my business partner on a plane, we decided to do something about it and created Rememorate.

The average person can remember 150 names and faces at any given time -- what do you think your number is?
First off, loved the idea behind your product. I used to use facebook to help remember names to faces, but I don't use Facebook any more so I've been meaning to research contact apps for awhile now. When I saw your product it fit the bill for exactly what I wanted.

That being said, I was really hoping the app would have a strong privacy stance. I didn't see any mention of it when browsing your site, so I had to turn to your privacy policy, where it looks like it states you're turning all of our information (including connections) over to advertisers?
@grahamjpark Thanks for the comment! Privacy is actually very important to us, so much so that all contact data is stored locally on your phone -- we don't have any way of seeing the people you add.

Our cloud storage/backup option is to connect your own personal Dropbox account (with more options for enterprise accounts), so that again you have full control over your data, and we can't see or sell it.

We're currently ad-free and plan to stay that way, so it looks like our privacy policy is due for an update -- I'll speak with our legal team to make it happen. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!
@dbltime Woo hoo! Happy to hear that. I could have just misread it (not a legal expert), but would love to see that featured as a built point on your site! I'll check out the app tonight.
@grahamjpark Thanks Graham! Here's the update to the website:

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