Stay on top of your reading


Stay on top of your reading

Octobook catalogs your books, tracks what you've read, are reading, and want to read in the future.

We send you spaced repetition emails of notes you've taken for your books so you don't forget what you read and retain information.

Hey everyone!

Really excited to be featured on Betalist a few weeks right before we're due for launch.

We submitted our project about a month ago, and there have been significant updates.

Notably, we will now launch with an iOS and Android app, and we'll offer Kindle integration to start with (more to come!).

Please feel free to get in touch with me here, via chat on the website, or via email at [email protected]

I hope you find this useful!

great startup idea Ishan, i can't wait to try it :)
This sounds good, I hope it proves as good as the rival owned by Amazon as it would be good to instead support a smaller business. If It can get me reading regularly again, then it's definitely paying for!

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