Simple email newsletters for content creators


Simple email newsletters for content creators

nomadmail is an easy way to send newsletters with zero configuration. Designed for content creators.

Communicate with your audience without having to worry about the technical aspects, like templates, designs, tables, or any other settings.

I am thrilled to be featured here in BetaList.

nomadmail is a service that wants to offer a simple way to send email newsletters without thinking too much about it!

I am here if you need anything, hope you have some time to give it a try to the service and give me your honest opinion and feedback!

Thanks, everyone!
@jrleonr is there a free version for those who have small number of emails?

Worth checking out https://underline.email/ as well. Got fed up with them as they take a long time to add subscribers - almost one per day.

I'm a MailChimp free customer and just started with Sendgrid for transactional emails.
@SkilledUpLife Hello! Thanks a lot for your question!

I completely understand what you mean, To me it is a bit hard to offer a free version as a solo maker, because I couldn't keep up with the cost of offering it to everyone.

If you want to try nomadmail, please, do it for the 14-days trial, and if you like it, and depending how many subscribers you have, we can work something out.

I am here as a 1-1 person to talk with. All the customers that use nomadmail are in direct contact with me, nomadmail won't be a big corp and I want to keep a close relationship with people.

So what do you think? you can try it for a couple of days and we can do a skype/zoom and work something out!

Thanks very very much!
@jrleonr I'm a one-man-band as well. I'm going to give a miss as I already have MailChimp and SendGrid. But like to wish you all the best. And thanks for the prompt response.
@SkilledUpLife Oh! Ok! I am sorry to hear that! Anyway, here I am if you change your mind! Thanks a lot for taking time of your day to check it out!
Hey José - great product. I'm starting to get frustrated with some of the giant's tools (ahem *Mailchimp*) I've been using to put together newsletters.

I've added some UX feedback here as a thank you - if it helps with future updates.


Congratulations on launching on Betalist!
@cpipo_ Hi! Wow! That was very kind!

I need to work on the landing page, I'll try to add some of your ideas into it today, very valuable.

If you want to test nomadmail, go ahead. I can give you a free plan. Create an account and get ask for the credit card, let me know and I will change it to be free.


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