Create awesome flat logo for your startup in minutes


Create awesome flat logo for your startup in minutes

Logopony is an online web app making it easier&faster to create flat logos for startups. It is completely HTML5/JS/Canvas based app, no flash. There are 3 main key points why it is different from the competition: fully editable logo templates, 150,000+ shapes to choose from and easy to use yet very powerful editing tools. So if you need an awesome flat logo for your startup made fast - try our web app, it's free!

we are here to answer your questions guys, feel free to ask us anything!
* and girls of course :)
Guy here ;)

This is really good. So, what about pricing?
Hi Sajeesh Philip, it is free to export web quality transparent PNG but if you need the vector sources for print it would be a one-time charge. We are thinking on adding more bonuses to the packages soon though
UPDATE: we have also moved servers and released a major update to the app itself a week ago. Lot's of new features and bugs fixed here's the changelog http://logopony.com/changelog/
This is incredible. Only issue is how do I change the icon used with the logo ?
Hi Phill George and thanks a lot for kind words! Adding new icons to the logo is easy as that https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4yG4tXBbfpnall3Q3I5cTE2UmM/view?usp=drivesdk is this working ok for you? Main thing as you have to click the icon on the list, but we are working on Drag&Drop now.

Also since last update we now ship Social Networks branding kit + black/white logos with all paid packages, changelog: http://logopony.com/changelog/

But this is not all, we have been working on something even more interesting for a while - logo design helper via Artificial Intelligence, first version of which i coming in a few weeks, hope you guys love it too :)
Killer!!! Well done guys, fun to play and very easy to use!
How about an affiliate program to boost your sales OR a hire a pro feature?!?!
Hey Felipe @fgbarone and thanks a lot for the kind words! The new version v0.98 we are working for a few months already is almost live. A lot of bugs fixed, fonts fixed , letter-spacing fixed, centering, added icons drag&drop and some other stuff.

The most important feature that is coming - we will have logo generator with AI & machine learning so it means the results delivered will get better the more it is used by real people! People will be able to generate logos with new generator and then finish them in our editor, making it even easier to get an awesome logo by yourself :)

When it's live we are going to focus more on marketing and affiliate programs, perhaps you know some affiliate SaaS that can be easily integrated into any web app?

We are not going for a "hire a PRO" feature since it conflicts with our vision - if you can generate/create an awesome logo yourself with our platform, why do you need a designer then? This is completely undermining our apps purpose since our mission is to leverage AI, Machine-learning, great editor&tools to make Logopony the #1 platform for self-service logo creation. To make it happen we need to enable our clients create logos the same quality as medium grade designer would, this is what we are up to :)

Of course, some top quality logos can be created by human designers only, but this is not our market - these should be done by real pros for completely different price

Anyway, glad you like what we do, let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions and have a great day!

Greetings @gwheugene,
about the PRO designers, i understand now, makes perfect sense to me!

As for the affiliate saas, im a member of A2 Hosting (a2hosting.com) affiliate program for a long time now, and their solution is pretty complete, but i cant tell which Saas they use (or even if its a Saas at all).

Please feel free to contact me if you need a beta tester!

kind regards from Brazil,

Felipe Barone
@fgbarone thanks, i will definitely check them out! Though i think such big guys might have an in-house solution but anyway thanks for a great example worth checking. Regarding the beta test help - sure, it is never enough :) if you already entered your email on logopony.com homepage then you should receive an email about next app update coming in soon (10-15 business days), test it out and share your feedback if you would like
@gwheugene I use https://tapfiliate.com/ for custom affiliate programme. However, https://www.postaffiliatepro.com/ is also good.

Have you considered Referral marketing instead? https://www.getambassador.com/ is awesome
I guess it would be better if there's an option to choose a business category as well so that the logos are more relevant. Good start and all the best!
I have just tried it, it looks so innovative in logo design. Super awesome, thank you for the great work.
Amazing APP i'm triying to get the beta.
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