Kanban boards for productivity hackers and entrepreneurs


Kanban boards for productivity hackers and entrepreneurs

HyperDone is productivity and life planning tool for productivity hackers and entrepreneurs. We have beautifully designed Kanban Boards with specific unique features.

  • Primarily focused on you.
  • We got teamwork covered as well.
  • Be more organized, optimize and automate work and life.
I like this. I was thinking I can just create this in an existing app, but I like the automatic transferring of unfinished tasks, the time tracking and use of pomodoro. Oh and I notice that like me, you also like Boars... or is that typo?!

I guess you'll be charging users a monthly fee. I would like to suggest a pricing strategy of charging for tasks not done, see the long established BeeMinder as an example of this whereby users pay a fee if they don't complete tasks.
Hi Ian, thanks for your comment. Sorry for the typo. :)

We have already implemented monthly fee with special lifetime deal during launch period where users will be able to get lifetime subscription for promo price.

BeeMinder does looks interesting but it is something that is definitely not for everyone. We will add your suggestion to our future feature list. In near future we will add Zapier support so you will be able to integrate with BeeMinder via Zapier integration.

PS. We also have a lot of other unique features.
For example we do have no distraction "Today column" where you are able to load board with just one column where you have tasks you need to finish today avoiding procrastinating by reading backlog or tasks for other days in week and much more.

Our reports will give you beautiful overview how you are progressing and motivate you to push forward to your goals.

Thanks for your valuable comment and have a nice day.

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