The online expert co-worker to whom you can give any task


The online expert co-worker to whom you can give any task

Extrahand is a platform that make outsourcing to expert easy. I've create Extrahand for Entrepreneurs and small businesses that just need a task to be done in a timely matter without having to worry about the selection/recruitment process.

  1. You submit a task with you requirements and goals.
  2. Extrahand matches you with the right field expert in our pre-recruited network.
  3. You can chat with the expert and let him get the task done. I founded ExtraHand because as an entrepreneur, I often needed help with some part of my projects and hiring the right person on platforms has been hard and time-consuming. With Extrahand expect saving time and improving quality.
Happy new year everyone!

I'm so happy to be featured on Betalist once again.

With ExtraHand we hope to be making hiring experts easy for founders, entrepreneurs or anyone who need to delegate a task.

Feel free to drop a comment or ask questions I'll be answering all of them today!
I looked at this site. As one who spent over $20k on outsource/micro-task in the last six months, I think I have a good eye for these types of board. My go to places normally: HeyCarson (Shopify), CodeMentors, Fiverr, Upwork.

ExtraHand most closely represents HeyCarson where you are buying/pre-paying for hours that can be applied to task, typically, small tweaks. You can think of this as a retainer if you will. For around 80 bucks, you can get 1-2 hours on a task. At 40 dollars an hour, that's a good/reasonable price. If you're looking for somebody to crack open a webpage and fix something minor/obvious or a task of that level, this is a great option. If you want somebody to buddy-code with you on a project, say a python thing you have, this is cheaper than Codementor, fixing a shopify template (add currency convert, for example), they are cheaper than HeyCarson.

All of this assumes the 6000 people they claim on are good/excellent because the only way this makes sense for a top-notch developer is where the task is 20 minutes (open shopify template, fix, close) and they are getting paid a big chunk of that 80 dollars. 50 dollars, say, for 20 minutes of work is outstanding.

For you, there can be an expectation problem. You may think the 'extra' piece of code you need is 30 minutes of work but the coder you get from ExtraHand, digs in, gets limited documentation to an existing code base which then means it is 5 hours of work whereby your told the truth and then you run for the hills or over to Fiverr trying to chase the guy with a laptop in Nepal who is sorely underpaid.

I think these types of services are excellent, especially for the new world of (so-called) NoCode. You can get a leg up by knowing what you want, clearly spelling it out, and giving ExtraHand a shot. Congrats on the launch, @KevinPicchi!

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