Connecting Business and Social Media Influencers through agreements


Connecting Business and Social Media Influencers through agreements

CollabSocial is an online platform that allows businesses and influencers to connect by creating agreements and documents through our platform. It's crucial for businesses, as it allows them to find valid influencers through the platform, create legally binding agreements, and rate the influencers they work with. This process adds a level of transparency to the work itself. For influencers, as more and more businesses are not living up to the payment or compensation terms they agree to over the internet, this gives them added security.

We give everyone in the social media marketing and influencing world the ability to create, find, negotiate, sign, and track agreements and documents.

I have been looking for something like this.. especially after all the issues I've had with dishonest companies.
@JaronGallagher Thank you! We will be launching on July 1... Stay tuned.
Hello Everyone! I just wanted to introduce myself and talk a little more about the product. I am a 28 year old Economics graduate from the University of Utah, and have been active in the startup world for the last 10 years.

After owning e-commerce companies that rely on influencers, and helping influencers gain traction and growth with businesses, I realized there is a common disconnect, one that could be solved by connecting both parties through contracts that makes is fair and affordable for both parties.

So I created CollabSocial, the first task management software with the purpose to connect businesses with influencers through contracts.

Join me on this journey. Comment any questions you might have!

Tyler L. Welker
Actually interesting... So this would help startups like mine to get more views . .right? Thanks Fabrizio
What type of contract can you do? Like only paid contract or also co-partnership ? payment through shares..

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