Modern email apps, powered by artificial intelligence


Modern email apps, powered by artificial intelligence

Astro is bringing AI to email to help you focus on what matters. Our email apps are available on Mac desktop and iOS, and we support Gmail and Office 365 email accounts.

Our apps feature a chatbot, Astro Assistant, who helps you declutter your inbox and makes sure you don't miss anything important. Astro also has all the features you'd expect from modern email apps including unsubscribe, snooze, send later, swipes, and mute. If you're looking for a better, more intelligent way to email, try Astro. We think you'll love it.

Thanks for checking out Astro. We've been heads down working on Astro, making sure we launch with intelligent, fast, and reliable email apps on both mobile and desktop. We are now ready to reveal what we've been working on and get feedback, and lots of it. It's an exciting time for us, so thanks for being part of it!

A couple additional details on downloading Astro...After you sign up at getastro.com, we'll send you an email invite to go to our download page. Then, you'll be able to start using our Mac Desktop app right away. To download our iOS app, you'll get an email from Testflight, which we are using to manage our iOS beta.

We are really excited to get Astro in the hands of beta users and appreciate your support. Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions, you can email us at [email protected] or comment here.

Thanks again,
Emily and Team Astro
We are experiencing some delays in our sign up process due to volume (thanks everyone for your interest!). Please go straight to our download page if you have any issues signing up: http://invite.getastro.com/betalist
Great project, can't wait to test!
*Really* enjoying Astro so far - seems to hit just the right spot for me for an email client and the addition of calendar support coming is awesome. Not spent much time with the AI but with the rest of it being so good already I don't care!
@vortal Thanks Phil, happy to hear you are enjoying it. You should definitely check out Astro Assistant, type "ask astro" for a list of things it can help you with. I personally like to "set reminders" using the chatbot.


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