Is it smth like google spreadsheets but with unusual interface?
It was hard to find videos in right bottom corner and more hard - to understand what you tried to show via them.
For example, I need sheet with day's summary information (how much goods sold, how much money spent and received, name of buyer and his contacts). How can I use your service for this purposes? For now, I'm using OneSheetCRM in google spreadsheets and all understandable. I tried ntile and understood nothing.
@vladnest3 ntile is more similar to a database. It has the same flexibility but it can be used for the same tasks for which you use google docs in a more convenient way. With CRM in Google spreadsheets, you can’t create dashboards in a document, can’t create reports. Just try our templates, for example, https://store.ntile.app/space?alias=crm_en it’s easier to start in using our service. ntile more hard to understand because we create a new way of the structuring information. ntile team help to learn how to use the ntile.app. Different articles in the ntile blog http://ntile.app/blog and video tutorials explain all parts of the web service