Krish Chelikavada


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Hi everyone,
Happy to be featured on BetaList.

We put out case challenges, invite our users who are PMs to solve them, track their performance and let companies browse through PM profiles and data on their performance for free.

Since our PM-side launch, we have had great demand from our users. With this launch, we are inviting companies to sign up to browse and interview PMs on our platform for free. You can unlock a 50% discount if you refer 5 other companies.
@automateIQ Hey Chris, thanks for the comment! Glad you like the idea. To clarify - we're actually providing data-driven recruiting. Once a company signs up with us, we're sourcing and filtering for the best candidates on our user-side (Product Challenger is essentially a marketplace) and recommending them to companies. We get data on their skillsets as and when they solve case challenges on our user side platform. So, essentially we're reducing the time and money companies spend looking for and filtering through PMs.