Steve Harman


Product Director @KLASSapp

This probably wasn't the best product to highlight, based on the comment they have on their home page about it not being available.
@steve1215 Hi Steve, Thanks a lot for your comment. I indeed tried to remove this from Betalist but was unable to do so. I can only request changes (content wise) but do not find a delete button.
Understood, thanks. Might be worth mentioning that on the site, save disappointing a lot of people andneedlessly racking up your SMS bill.

Not that I received a message so presumably it doesn't send to the UK.
still waiting for my download link / sms. Presumably this app works anywhere in the world? I'm all for minimal but there's little to no information on the website - not even sure if the app is for Android or iOS.
@steve1215 Hi Steve, thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately, our app is currently only available within the U.S. however, for U.S. based users it is available for both android and iOS
Available worldwide I presume? There's no mention of any territorial restriction on the website afaict.
Might want to make that a clearer, rather than wasting the rest of the world's time.
Didn't seem to be any mention of which countries this works in and nothing in the FAQ either. So I assume it's international and works globally for all of us?
@steve1215 It's actually US and Canada only -- sorry for the confusion!
I get that it's a beta, but no Sketch support?
Can apps built with Basedeploy be... well, 'depoyed' to our own cloud, or AWS etc?
@steve1215 No, apps are hosted on Basedeploy. You have development and live environments, but no deploying to personal servers. You have access to any data via your apps API and you can connect with third-party services.
This is just isn't it?