Richard Reisman


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Your aggregation model is off to a great start.

I suggest a key next step is to add volume/bundle discounts, and then consider testing FairPay participative pricing, to make your pricing even more supportive of funding journalism as widely as possible -- see (and
@rreisman Interesting stuff. My guess is that ultimately it comes down to what the publishers are comfortable with. I imagine @AlexanderNL and co have a ton of ideas, but it takes a while for publishers to warm up to new (pricing) models so you really have to take a step-by-step approach.
@marckohlbrugge you're right.

We are looking into subscriptions right now. Not just subscriptions from 1 publisher but also subscriptions to a couple of publishers together.

We're taking this step by step. The ultimate goal is to have 1 fee for unlimited access to all journalism. 😊