Razvan Gabriel Apostu


https://t.co/McMqOrKCYE 💎🚀⁉️ Designer&Developer. Founder @ConnSuite

Razvan(19) here, Founder of ConnSuite! First of all thanks for reading about ConnSuite. It's awesome to have your work out there and to get feedback and cool ideas from communities like this one!

To keep it short, here are a few of the main features:
➡ Link to all your other Accounts and Social media Profiles (Twitter, Github, Slack, PH etc.)
🔥 Link to or create Articles about your Work and your Achievements
🤝 Share and request Business Cards through the app
🖌 Transfer all your paper cards Online and have Access to them 24/7
📲 Have all the Important Data about you and your Networks in One single place
🚀 Upgrade your Business Identity

Would definitely love ❤️ to hear some feedback from you and brainstorm some more ideas to work on in order to improve ConnSuite and deliver the awesome tool you need! I'm here to answer any questions and you can find out more info on the connsuite.com! Enjoy.

P.S. All my contact data and more on connsuite.com/razgraf