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vulnerable. desolate

Nice concept. Would've signed up straight away if it were free.
Your model is ahead of its time. It beats me how 100 slots is yet to be taken up, considering it's not even up to 100

> we use it ourselves as well.

I wonder if others are seeing something I'm not. Bonus points for that killer domain name and site design
> We're building a public record so it will be easier to start a credible hedgefund in the future

Is this record public already, or is it an intention? If yes, where can it be verified?

Are the weekly window periods between stock tips realistically enough for the stocks to appreciate, or does it take longer? What's the timeframe within which a tip can be agreed to have gone south?

> The stock price of our tips rarely increase or decrease dramatically from day to day

- Your Faq

Suppose I buy this week's stock midweek, does it mean that by the new week (roughly days) when you present a new hotpick, that the one I bought will be looking at a decline?
Nice concept here. Curious to know how far it'll go given how narrow your target niche is.
@mmayboy_ us too! There's currently estimated to be about 165,000 employees in the cannabis industry and growing. Q1 2019 in the US saw a ~44% growth, so we expect this trend to continue.
The product designer did a pretty neat job tucking all those stats and components nice and clean.
I quickly fell in love with what you built after seeing the links in the startup category. However, visiting https://betalist.com/markets/curated-web reveals a few other startups within the same category precede yours. How will you say you're different from them? What sets you apart? Content? What do I miss from not curating my links at Lystof?
@mmayboy_ sorry for the late reply, just saw your post. Agreed with your point, that there are similar other startups. I think community should set lystof apart from others. Building it currently :)