Jorah, the Andal


Nice concept. Would've signed up straight away if it were free.
Nice concept here. Curious to know how far it'll go given how narrow your target niche is.
@mmayboy_ us too! There's currently estimated to be about 165,000 employees in the cannabis industry and growing. Q1 2019 in the US saw a ~44% growth, so we expect this trend to continue.
The product designer did a pretty neat job tucking all those stats and components nice and clean.
I quickly fell in love with what you built after seeing the links in the startup category. However, visiting reveals a few other startups within the same category precede yours. How will you say you're different from them? What sets you apart? Content? What do I miss from not curating my links at Lystof?
@mmayboy_ sorry for the late reply, just saw your post. Agreed with your point, that there are similar other startups. I think community should set lystof apart from others. Building it currently :)