Michael Gunnulfsen


Hacker with a romantic passion for code from the NORTH. Musicianish. Member of the @finimize fam. Other likes: Scala, sNES, squats and Telecasters

@SebastianRut Sorry horrible suggestion. I'm @michaelgunnulf at Twitter. You could send me a DM there?
@SebastianRut Great to hear! The Android app is in the making. Let me know your email and I'll hit you up once it's ready. Thanks!
@michaelGunnulf is there a way to message you in private? I'd like to keep my mail out of comment sections.
@SebastianRut Sorry horrible suggestion. I'm @michaelgunnulf at Twitter. You could send me a DM there?
Hi everyone!
Just wanted to share with you all the story behind why we built this. I’m a podcast lover, and tend to fill every idle time in my life with podcasts. I also workout at a gym, and as I’m always looking for new ways to fill idle time with podcasts, I’ve realised that I could totally do this in between workout sets. Which lets me finish a 30 minute podcast episode in a 50 minute workout. So I started using Spotify and the Podcast app to switch between music and podcast listening as I workout. However, this process was really convoluted.

So, being an developer I wanted to get this problem solved, and thus we built Shift. The product works really seamlessly, and I feel going to the gym also has a huge productivity bonus. I've also spent a lot of time having fun with it and added features I feel makes sense in a fitness app, such as gamification and workout tracking. You'll get an avatar that levels up and evolves as you workout for instance. Would love to get some feedback here!