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@NadineNBone TeamCal is primarily for teams. There are some use cases like event planning (e.g. weddings) where I have freelancers using TeamCal. If your freelance work requires coordinating other people then there is definitely value in using TeamCal.
Hi all,

I created TeamCal after being responsible to schedule the work tasks of my team. It was always difficult to see who is currently doing what when displaying many different calendars in Google Calendar. Additionally, there is no nice way on how to assign an existing task to a different person. While Outlook comes with a built-in scheduling view, Google Calendar doesn't offer anything similar except when creating a new appointment. So, TeamCal was born. Let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions!
@marckohlbrugge The build-in Google Calendar feature is all about organizing a meeting by finding an empty time slot. It's only available on the create new appointment dialog and "read" only.

TeamCal on the other hand is intended for people to schedule staff rotations - so for example the person scheduling can use drag & drop to move an event from one person's calendar to another. Additionally because, TeamCal is showing the events horizontally it's possible to display dozens of people at the same time.
@marckohlbrugge Thx! Yes, private calendars are supported too. As long as the other person shared her Google Calendar with you, TeamCal can use it.