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@kimnflowers As far I know, it's harder to develop for the Android OS, partly due to so many variations, customisations and devices. So many apps on iOS first is one of the big reasons why I still prefer iOS, that and the fact I'm 'app-committed'. I'm looking forward to this app.
Thanks for the comment @kimnflowers! We'd love to develop for Android in the future, but focusing on iOS for the initial launch.

I love this concept because honestly, I'm not great at focusing on those moments. Do you have plans to release it globally? I'm in Australia on Android and can't access the early version :)
@kimnflowers Our beta is released globally, so you should be able to get access. We already have other test users from down under. Reach out to me at [email protected] so I can help you get access.
Your Facebook page isn't linked on the website.
Also - do you have any information for people who want to sign up as testers?
A tad confused - is it free? You have two conflicting links "Why is it free?" and "Pricing" of which, neither work.
Hi @kimnflowers.. Our Betalist listing went up a little earlier than we anticipated. We are getting those pages up and running and should be done by end of this week! I'll update it here as soon as those are done.

We are devastated at the loss we've faced of great community contributors who could not try out our product. :/