Ivan Burban


@Codepadco Hello.
Thank you for reaching out to me.
Unfortunately, we don't have it yet, but are currently working on it.
You are welcome to try our tool out. It's totally free, and no credit card required for registration

And if any further questions or concerns occur, please contact me - I will be glad to answer your questions
Looks great, but what about GDPR?
@ivan_burban In short, we help you manage user deletion and suppression rights requests for the tools in martech stack. You can read more here: https://segment.com/product/gdpr/
@t_ghanna Smart-elements are the blocks that save you a significant amount of time. They are meant for those who fill out products’ cards.

So, how it works: at first, you need to configure them, set which links refer to specific configuration fields. Once the settings are done, you simply insert the link into the product item’s page and our system automatically fills out the lines with price, description, size, and even CTA button.
Every time when creating a new email template, you pull this block from the library into the template, then insert the links from your website and your customers see descriptive products’ cards in emails with almost no efforts from your side.

Manual instruction https://stripo.email/blog/smart-elements-reducing-time-creating-similar-letters-automating/
@Fred87827138 Oh, there are many tools that Stripo offer to automate email creation process.
1. Smart-elements — they are meant to reduce the time you spend on products’ cards creation. You configure them just once according to your website properties, then all you will have to do when creating a new email is insert product item’s link into the smart-container and Stripo will automatically add all the necessary information.
2. Social networks — you fill out this information just once in your personal account, then every time you pull in the social networks block into the template, Stripo automatically inserts proper icons with the proper links to your social networks pages.
3. Library of blocks — such blocks, containers, and stripes as a header, footer, contact information, map, and smart-containers normally remain unchanged. Save them to your personal library. And next time when creating a new email campaign, you find these blocks available in your library. Just pull them into the template. That’s it.
4. Basic banner block — now you do not need third-party tools like Photoshop to create banners. You may do it right in our builder. Apply filters, place “caption” (text) over the image, apply any available custom font to the text over the banner image. When exporting the template, banners become a one-layered image from a multi-layered one. All the texts written over the banner image are considered an element of the image. Due to this feature, decorative custom fonts are never replaced with web-safe ones.
5. Rollovers and countdown timers are now available. They are websafe. Don’t hesitate to use them. Besides, it prevents you from using external tools to create these interactive elements.
@ivan_burban Stripo email builder looks powerful and 260+ email template library is fascinating.
Hy, guys. Do you have fast export ti Mailchimp like Stripo.email or you generate HTML and user can work with it anywhere?
@ivan_burban you can do either, we connect directly to Mailchimp but you can also copy and paste the email code.
@yuriy_vorobyov Yes, we run a Youtube channel where post education videos. Follow this link to get there https://www.youtube.com/stripoemail. Besides, some of the videos are available on our blog https://stripo.email/blog/