Frank Lagendijk


Co-founder Digital Product Designer.

@marckohlbrugge Thanks a lot! We aren't a big fan of purely upvoting either, yet it has some obvious advantages as well (stimulates organic growth, since it's more of a customer-facing approach).

We're aiming to help teams more in an assisted way, based on the data that flows in anyway — starting with pointing out the feedback conversations that might be of interest most (from a product perspective).

The 'follow up' is a specific 'job' that is made easier with Shipright, yet an area we can deliver way more value over time (there's an obvious need for that, though currently done mostly manually as far as we've seen, if teams find this important). Current focus is more on providing some instant value in terms of product insights when connecting Intercom.

Great suggestion regarding Stripe. We've thought about starting with something like this, pulling the info from Intercom first (if that property is used by customers).

If you ever feel like it's worth trying for Betalist or any other product you're working on, lmk!