Making community products & roadtripping across the US. Building @gummy_search, curating @thehiveindex.

Hey Betalist! I made GummySearch, a way to discover happy customers for your business in online communities.

The inspiration for the product is based on my time curating the best online communities by topic for Hive Index. After joining + listing hundreds of professional online communities, I saw how much people use these communities to talk about their problems, ask for recommendations, or vent about products for which they are looking for alternatives.

I also saw that often times a founder of a startup comes around and offers an EXACT solution (either a product, or a blog post) to the problem that the poster is referring to. This "Shameless Plug" is usually received very well when it's delivered in a way that actually helps the poster + overall community.

Given that early stage startups don't have a big marketing budget to spend on ads, and don't have 6 months for their SEO to kick in, I wanted to build something that helps founders get their first customers by discovering where their customers are talking about their pain points, and give the tools to join the conversation when applicable.

I just launched the Reddit beta, take it for a free trial today!