Eva C. Reder


Co-founder @nomadapp_co || #GrowthHacking #Startups #Travel || Instagram evadventure.at || Austrian in Silicon Valley

@onelocalfamily We'd love to give you access to our beta program! Shoot me an email at [email protected]
@place_guru great question! That's exactly what the founders are working on. For now we are trying to provide as much value as possible with existing content from their partners. Later on they will encourage users to also add their places.
@evatventure : great, because that is where the main added value comes from in our opinion.
You go for native apps, why not a progressive web application? (url based, nothing to download).
This is what I've been waiting for! Such a pain to create presentations from scratch (and such a waste of time) 💪
Thanks @e_reder! That's where we are heading for - saving you a lot of time and money. Happy you like it! Looking forward to hear your feedback as soon as we are live.
Wowww I love it! You're telling me that all these nights lying in bed and the phone falling on my face because I need my fingers to scroll are gone?