Eric Hoekendorf 🙇🏻


Co-Founder @Foyyay designing for people. Partner @supplywell & @commonsapp. Previously Director of Product @CloverSites @CloverDonations. Before that, @LaVisual

I'm here to answer any questions you have about Supply Well! We also are working hard to clarify the messaging and story on our website, and make the on boarding, signup, and setup process even better! We'd love to hear your thoughts as you check it out - we're just a chat away on intercom, or you can leave a question here 👍
@mijustin You're awesome. Thanks for taking a look ❤️
@fishsander Thank you so much! Excited to be helping people with this.
@marckohlbrugge thanks so much! Excited to get you started on it 😎🎉