Ed Moyse


Founder of https://t.co/e9e3rECUoP. I like making things with @hyharryhuang (see also @journorequests, @hey_press)

@alanmnichol if you have any feedback, hit us up at [email protected]!
@philosonerd yea, definitely the plan to do this sort of thing. We've always thought it'd be pretty interesting to create an API that would let other websites show how many nomads were currently active in a given city.
@Sauruz awesome - thanks Guido. Glad you've been enjoying our little Koh Lanta alpha version :)
@derkinzi thanks - where are you based at the moment?
@samanthawoolven I prefer the term "somewhat secret beach" ;)
@loukmannacik we've already got a beta available for iPhone and Android - sign up at nomadmessenger.com to get your hands on it... and our official launch will definitely be within a month :)
Hey, one of the makers here - feel free to ask us any questions!
Very cool - love the samples you've got on SoundCloud! Tough problem to solve, and you guys seem to be doing a great job :)
@edmoyse thanks. I've been doing some internal testing and it is honestly really useful. Full articles will be the natural next step.
@HunterDoug thanks Doug - look forward to see what you think of it!
@philosonerd thanks for the support! That's one of the main reasons we built If No Reply - we've tried lots of competitors but we've found it difficult to personalise messages. We wanted to deliver something that goes way beyond mail merge tags - and feels like a personal email written by you.

So we hope to save you time with email templates, and still keep it personal by allowing you to rewrite paragraphs of text, or even the entire message.
@edmoyse and just to add to this, we're also trying to make this as simple as possible to use. As it's integrated within Gmail, it should be very quick to pick up - nothing more distracting than having to take time out learning a new system.
@hyharryhuang @justinnothling in fact, it's already in the making - so we'd love to hear what endpoints you'd need. You can catch us on [email protected] and [email protected]
Hi Betalisters, one of the founders of If No Reply here - happy to answer any questions you may have!
@louisejcroft awesome is the plan! Thanks for your help with feedback so far :)