Дима Пономаренко


Interesting project. dear founder Derek Deborah, please add QIWI wallet, webmoney purse, Bitcoin wallet, and payment through banks
@dizsoft83 Great idea re: Bitcoin. We do have payment directly to banks already.
Friends of an excellent project I really liked. And you can do not on the MAC and on Windows XP I can even translate into other languages. I am ready to cooperate with you. Waiting for a letter
an excellent project. The design attracts me liked. But I can not make my company in AdWords. I can not figure out the founders can help. Thank you. I can be useful. If there are vacancies by an interpreter. I can translate your project into the languages ​​you need. With Respect Dima Ponomarenko.
@cityofminds I really liked the site, everything is clear. I understand you can add a link to the product?
@JustinNothling Justin is very cool. I will register now on the site, and I will try to create applications and put them on alternative markets. thank you
An interesting application, but can you add articles and news in this application and get small premiums for this?null