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Hi Ravi, I absolutely love new travel start ups - can I suggest you joining up and spreading the word over at Travel Massive? They have a great community that would love to hear about PAX.

Have you figured out how to monetise the platform?
Come on.... when do you ever see people looking like that on their travels....
I agree. I couldn't justify the expense especially if I was a start up. Would definitely be going for a cheaper option.
@danielkinnoch thanks for a good question.

Short answer: it should be outstanding icons, which means designer should be able to explore lots of options. Designers should be paid decent. We should be able to cover risk of client not accepting an icon (which means we give money back to client and pay designer as well).
I didn’t try PeoplePerHour, but it looks more like a stock/templates quality. On a contrary we want to provide the best icon designers of a certain style for a reasonable price.
How did you arrive at €40 as the price to charge for each icon? What sets this apart from the freelancers who will do similar work on PeoplePerHour, for example?
Looks really good, what countries will this be offered in upon launch?
@danielkinnoch We're starting from UK, other European countries coming in 2017
This looks incredible.