Vincent te Beek



Hi Marc! Thanks for your interest in Conflux.

We are indeed going to make sure we have the possibility to pull from tools you're already using. We're also interested in making sure that we're not in the way of those tools on your front end. For example, we also offer a feature to stay in touch with your customers via e-mail, but Intercom doing this on a whole other level. In case you configure Intercom as an integration we will keep that communication line flowing through Intercom.
Hey there everyone! Launching Conflux on BetaList is a tremendous milestone for us as a team. We're here to answer any questions. Just to let you know, we also have a live chat on our website. Feel free to say hi!
@arvalaan Hi Vincent, great to have you guys here on BetaList.

In my research for (an upcoming product of mine) I've learned that it is indeed a problem for product managers having customer feedback spread across many different sources. For this reason, they prefer tools that fit their existing workfow (Intercom, Trello, etc), rather than creating yet another inbox to check.

The value proposition of Conflux is to have one place for all your customer feedback. Do you plan to achieve this by pulling data from other tools, or by making them redundant and having everything happen within Conflux?