Alex Polymath


Hello! I'm a web-developer and code-mentor. Creator of web-services,,,

@jasonology What version of Safari do you use?
Under OSX Sierra, Safari 10.0.2 it's fine.
I'm working under mac too.
@Tendermattress1 You mean like a tree, where users can observe projects?
@jasonology Got it, thanx! Will check it out.
The funny thing is that you can colorize your drawings as also.
@omar10594 Just send message to [email protected]
Our API will be available since 10th of January.
@losdomains Thanx a lot! We finishing dashboard at the moment. Right after that you'll get a message to access API.
Good news. We've processed over 7000 photos!
Good new, everyone!

Dashboard and API are in beta testing !
@jonpape We don't have scheduled stream right now. But it's on a roadmap.