Aleksandr Kushchynskyi


ntile app, Product manager

@artificially_b Kanban view in our product map and will be available in a few months. All our users will get an email when we will release it. Looking forward too
@vladnest3 ntile is more similar to a database. It has the same flexibility but it can be used for the same tasks for which you use google docs in a more convenient way. With CRM in Google spreadsheets, you can’t create dashboards in a document, can’t create reports. Just try our templates, for example, it’s easier to start in using our service. ntile more hard to understand because we create a new way of the structuring information. ntile team help to learn how to use the Different articles in the ntile blog and video tutorials explain all parts of the web service
Thank you for posting information about our product. ntile help you to organize all the information that your team needs in common workspace. The templates marketplace contain a lot of templates that our team created for a quick start. You can use them and share your own templates. ntile suitable for different use cases such as strategic planning, project and product management, marketing, creating of the knowledge bases and CRM and so on. Be productive and always informed with ntile.