Will Sykora


UX Designer Motorbike builder Founder of @covailnt

@flauntmydesign That would be awesome! Let's chat more - I'll send you a note with my email
Hey Betalist! I'm Will, Covailnt's founder.

As a freelance designer, I'd often find myself with clients who needed a broader range of skills then I could offer on my own. To avoid delivering poor quality while attempting something outside my wheelhouse or simply turning down work altogether, I would team up with my talented peers. But... finding the right partner or assembling a project team took a lot of time - and as freelancers know - time is literally money.

I built Covailnt so freelancers like me could find each other and work together. Covailnt isn't a marketplace or platform full of commoditized creative talent - instead, we're a community of talented and trusted individuals sharing our skills and availability to help each other get work done.

I'll be around all day, and happy to answer any questions!