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Is there any chance you will make an android app?
@VasVaskul oh yes, definitely! just right after we validate the initial ios app ;)
Hey. Thanks for the question @arturkiulian.
The extension save a direct link to .mp3 file to your personal podcast feed. You can subscribe to the feed using any podcast app you like.
@AntonSkyba Thanks! I think we need a couple of weeks to polish our MVP. Subscribe to a newsletter and we will let you know :)
@marckohlbrugge thanks for the mention. I know about HD, it's our competitor and i also think it could do more. I dont' want to build yet another search engine for podcasts.
@vkedyk We are bulding simple API for that ;)
@druh_opryshok soon our beta will be able to transform up to 1000 rows.
@lumilevskyi hi. Sure. For example, @marckohlbrugge collected data into a spreadsheet and then launched The same story with Pieter Levels and

More cool projects that started as a spreadsheet:,,
@VasVaskul @marckohlbrugge awesome! I think you should write a post about products that started as a spreadsheet. Look at also.
@mhaidarh thanks!
1. I would like to talk about your case. Can you drop me a message at [email protected]?
2. We will launch the first integration with The next will be Airtable and Google Sheets.
@CreativeProNY hey. How to collect depends on your case. You can pay a freelancer if you know what you need for example. Take a look at Tabledo, we have a case there. If you want to be a beta tester please drop me a line at [email protected]
@OviNegrean right now we work with Fieldbook. They are going to launch an integration with Zapier in a couple of weeks.