Shane Halloran


PhD Student at EPSRC Centre of Doctoral Training in Cloud Computing for Big Data, at Newcastle University, UK.

Does it work with private Github repos?
@SHalloranNCL Not yet, but we are planning to add private repository support.
It might be a good idea to say on the landing page whether it's intended to work outside of the US.. You give a stat on the landing page of how many spam calls there are in the US, this hints you're mainly US focused?
@SHalloranNCL Thanks for the message and suggestion. We are launching in the US first and then by middle 2018 will be global.
@smithjamey The unfortunate thing is by mid-2018 all the promotion here will be over, so I will forget about Kalleo unless I'm willing to have six months of emails that are relevant only to Americans.
@SHalloranNCL Thanks Shane for saving me some time, it's always assumed only Americans will read the promotion. For U.S service-based startups, I now often ask if it's U.S only before even looking at the website.
@marckohlbrugge Also, the app is similar to Moves in that it tracks overall location.
I use apps like Fridgely to keep track of which food is about to expire, and Splitwise to keep track of shared bills with my housemate.
@humberto_mn Great! Sounds like a great website!
Would be great to connect to other useful websites in this space as well, like InterNations, NomadList, etc.
@SHalloranNCL Good point, Shane. I've talked to a few and I'm currently in the process of closing a few partnerships. Thanks for that