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So do we need to share the link with friends to chat? We can't meet strangers here?
@RisqueViews you need to share the link. No you can't meet, at least for now.
Can a noob like me figure this out or is it more for devs?
@RisqueViews If you are getting started as a developer, its even more useful to help you develop your projects/apps with more speed and agility.
Wilk there be an android version in future? I'd love to try it
I already like it, cant wait to try it
@RisqueViews Thanks! I'm very happy to hear that! Working hard on getting the beta out asap!
I'm keen to try it out. Is there any special discounts for early adopters from betalist by any chance?
love it, hopefully 5 people will use my link
Will this be available on android soon?
@RisqueViews Great Question Zara! We are very excited to be releasing QuickTutor to the Google Play Store this May 2019. Visit our website and be sure to sign up for our android waitlist so you can be the first to know!
Wishing I had an iPhone today
looks great, requested beta access
Looks impressive, is there a beta user deal by any chance?
I've been looking for something like this to replace evernote
Will it have a background removal tool?
@RisqueViews For all colored icons or designs, you can download them conveniently in PNG format (which does not have any background). Give it a try and let us know any questions or feedback anytime :)
- Bon
I had some issues with text repeating
@RisqueViews I'm sorry, that should not happen. I'll look into it.
looks great. Do you have any special discounts for betalist users by any chance?
Will this be available on Android at any stage?
I can't put my number in, is it only for specific countries?
I love milanote already. Overnight I was thinking some stock graphics like icons could be good if they arent already on the app