Learn Skills. Do Projects. Get Hired. #ProSkyers #500Strong

We started ProSky as we had to hire talent for our respective organizations. It was so frustrating as we often had a stack of resumes sitting on our desk, and in all of our years of experience, realized there was still no true way to accurately identify who was great until we got to work with them. Sure, there could be some signs based on their "experience", how they presented themselves, etc... but it was still not accurate. It was costing our organizations time, resources and money, especially when we found they were not the right fit after hire. We wanted a better, more innovative to cut down that risk before hire. We've done that with ProSky. Not only is our applicant tracking system more intuitive and gets you to interact more with the candidates, it comes with an awesome evaluation tool. You can evaluate talent viz projects and challenges individually or in teams. This gives you an in-depth look at their skill-sets, motivation, personality, collaboration and other important skills while not requiring a whole lot of your time. We believe in hiring for the long-term and not just to meet the quota. Join us as we revolutionize recruiting, hiring, and training in the HR industry! Cheers!
Our thoughts are why keep recruiting the same old way - we have designed a innovative new method of recruiting and hiring that will ensure that the talent is the right fit with the skill-sets you need for your organization! We're bringing sexy back to HR!