Brand artisan in Paris (French and English speaking designer + front-end developer + storyteller). I craft bespoke brands for socially conscious entrepreneurs.

The focus on profitability for small businesses - and saving them from loss they can't recover from - is incredible. This looks very promising!
@NadineNBone thank you for your kind words & support! Feel free to explore our product and we would love it if you could refer us to some of your clients :)
@olivia_golds Just joined today, thrilled to discover how it'll impact my business :)
@olivia_golds Just joined today, thrilled to discover how it'll impact my business :)
I think it's an innovative take on a key tech tool and the actual design looks great. Brilliant!
Amazing idea! Finally a tech solution that makes email actionnable instead of a digital hoarding nightmare.
@NadineNBone Hey Nadine, great to get some feedback on this! We're officially going live with all three weeks from now to the public so I'd love to get your feedback on the fully operational tool :)
@NPTimms Will keep an eye on launch date ;)
@NPTimms Will keep an eye on launch date ;)
Discovered it, tried it, signed up. As simple as that.
Love the design and the value proposition is unique. Very impressed with Toggl which I use daily, so I'm sure this is a killer app.
Can a freelancer use this and see value, or is it primarily beneficial to teams?
@NadineNBone TeamCal is primarily for teams. There are some use cases like event planning (e.g. weddings) where I have freelancers using TeamCal. If your freelance work requires coordinating other people then there is definitely value in using TeamCal.
Love that you're a 100% bootstrap app! It's rare. And the value proposition on this app is impressive: the client-freelancer communication can be quite nerve-wrecking on both ends. Wishing you the best for launch day :)
@NadineNBone Yeah, Bootstrap works well for the app, so I see no reason not to use it all the way, certainly makes things simpler and easier to focus on features, rather than frameworks. Glad you like the idea :)
BTW in terms of VC funding, we aim for profitability from the start, so taking VC money or anything similar wasn't an option for us.
@NadineNBone We believe that once people sign-up and see the practical benefits of our app, giving them time and peace of mind every day, they will appreciate the value of it quite naturally.

Although we cannot possibly find all the #creativeagencies and #freelancers who would utilise our help, if you know anyone in that target demographic yourself, giving us a shout is a big help.

Thank you,
Hello Alex - so glad you listed your product here on BetaList! Your app sounds like it could have saved me from a very bad experience I've had lately.

I was using a very popular bookkeeping app and since I didn't use it for 2 months, I assumed that my subscription had ended meanwhile and I just had to pay one month in arrear to resume it, which is the way it usually goes. Upon logging in, I discovered that the app had blocked my access to all my invoices (you can imagine the panick and the disgusting feeling of having my own data held hostage by an otherwise very recommended tech company) and was demanding from me that I pay not a single month in arrear, but 2 months. I was livid. I inquired why I was expected to pay for 1 month of usage of the app that I didn't take advantage of. Their answer was that, my subscription was not related to a month-to-month usage, but to the number of 'active clients' listed on my account at any time, period.

Notice how they specifically didn't care whether I was *using* this number of active clients and getting value from them, they only cared that I was *displaying* this number of active clients on my account.

Overtime, my account had accumulated over 20 'active' clients. But at that time, I had scaled back my business and was routinely using this app for less than 5 clients and most often 1 client.

It means that I've lost hundred of dollars to that app because its pricing model is built to make money from your confusion and not focused on delivering you actual value for your money.

When I made the comparision between what they argued I was truly paying for every month and my actual usage of their app, I realized that their most appropriate plan for my business need at that time was... their free plan.

Long story short - you can bet I already signed up for your app and look forward to gathering more insights from it. It's going to be a blessing for many freelancers! Hopefully they won't go through my terrible experience.
@NadineNBone Hello Nadine! I understand your pain and I am very sorry that you had to waste money on unwanted services. As I mentioned, this is a problem that any online business has, especially when you are activating licenses to manage also client related services. I am so glad to have you in our list and as soon as we open the invites I'll make sure to touchbase with you! Thanks, Alessandro Russo

P.S. in the meantime, is there any chance you can support us by spreading the news?Thanks a lot!!
@WebYourMind Hello again Alessandro - I tweeted it earlier today and will share on my social media accounts :)
@WebYourMind Hello again Alessandro - I tweeted it earlier today and will share on my social media accounts :)
Great idea! This is a much needed tool for developers.
Super innovative idea. I love the sleek and modern design of the boxes!
An app that supports personal development is by default a great initiative. Love your idea! About to check out the landing page.
@NadineNBone Thank you! I'm still making changes so please be on the lookout.
You had me at "Dunder Mifflin org chart"!
Thanks @NadineNBone It was a difficult choice between Dunder Mifflin and Dilbert. Both are incredible.
@HaroldTheapp You should take a look at "The Adventures of Business Cat"! Lots of inspiration there too :) (and cats as a bonus, obviously).
@HaroldTheapp You should take a look at "The Adventures of Business Cat"! Lots of inspiration there too :) (and cats as a bonus, obviously).
Wow! I was suspecting we'd see more and more startup ideas leveraging WordPress as a SaaS platform. "Zero BS CRM" is by far the most innovative project I've seen using this fresh approach so far. Kudos!
@NadineNBone Thanks Nadine :) glad you like it.
Thank you @NadineNBone :) hope you will find it useful in your day to day work with your teams, partners or even customers! Don't hesitate to send us any feedback or ideas you might have.
My new favorite bookmarks manager app! Looking forward to the Firefox extension release.
@magicnewme Great questions! Would love some answers too. So far it looks very promising.
@NadineNBone Glad you're enjoying the Cocolyze experience :) You'll be notified as soon as we have finalized the pricing!