Keep in mind that Shift has several security flaws when it comes to user authentication. Older shift accounts do not require a password to login to, just the email address which is a huge concern from a security standpoint.

I reached out to Shift to see about having this fixed, and the individual I spoke with said that future accounts now require a password, but unfortunately they can’t do anything for previous accounts.

That is a load of crap, they should force a password reset for all accounts that do not have one and prevent login until a password has been set.

They’re trying to charge 5$ a month for an unfinished app that has major security flaws. I think they’re changing the pricing scheme to 20$ a year which is more than fair, however they’re still neglecting to fix these security issues that are still present.

To only make matters more concerning, they closed my ticket and disabled Community posts on Facebook after I left an honest but fair review about their service.

I am only here to inform, and hope by going public with this Shift will change their stance and correct the problem for all users that are at risk.

You can view the transcript of my support ticket here: