Dave Banerjee


Ideabazi our culture is to love working here thrives on breeding and culturing ideas, given that change is the only constant!

Thank you, @AppSumo, for this great handy tool that everyone needs in today's time. I have been personally using a paid version of Calendly for my agency, the last two years now because I have many calendars to work within the personal front and company meetings, demo, etc.

The best part is that there are many Calendly FREE users, and they have access to one booking type only, whereas, over TidyCal, you get multiple. However, the Zoom or GoogleMeet integration isn't available. You could get away with that by using just a Personal Meeting ID from Zoom to static link here on TidyCal.

I would have expected TidyCal to allow users to select only ONE integration Zoom/G-Meet to add in the non-paid version.

All my customers are using Calendly as that is what we recommend our marketing funnel pages as an agency. I will ask some of them to make a switch as it saves money for them too.

Well done, AppSumo and TidyCal, for a great run ahead.
@IdeaBazi Thanks for the review Dave! Glad you're here
Seems your site is down. Tried a few times.
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@IdeaBazi Thanks for letting me know. It seems there was a huge traffic load. The issue has been fixed.
The site doesn't seem to be working :(
Looks pretty good. Just signed up and need to see how it performs. Already having a bunch of issues with @Socialbu