Maker of Taggy Tagger. MD of Fox+Rabbit Innovation Design. Passionate about downhill mountain biking. Loving the summer, the ocean and the mountains.

Stoked to be featured today. 💪 If you have any questions, let me know. I'm curious to hear, what you think.

Here is a bit of backstory, why I've built Taggy Tagger.
I'm one of those individuals who uses tags on macOS. Every month, I copy files back and forth, duplicate them, upload them here, download them there. It was a mess. I started using tags to improve my file management and workflow. Using tags though has its own quirks. It's a tedious and repetitive task adding, removing or remembering them. In addition, you cannot do much with them apart from using them in searches and smart folders. So, I decided to make tags useful and ultimately work for me.